Umbrella Parenting 

In this foundational course, you will be given the tools to assess your child’s coping skills and learn where to focus your attention. You will come out of this course with a knowledge of the 18 Umbrella Skills, a strong understanding of how your child is doing, and what you can do to help support their well-being without compromising your own. Purchase this course for $75.00 CAD!

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Why should you purchase this course? 

With this purchase, you will gain immediate access to video lessons from Dr. Jen, practical worksheets, and other simple strategies and tools to help build your child’s coping skills. 

You will come out of this course with:

  • Knowledge of the 18 Umbrella Skills 
  • An assessment of how your child is coping
  • Tools to support their well-being without compromising your own
  • Downloadable worksheets that you can use on your device

Bonus Content

For a limited time enjoy bonus content with our Umbrella Parenting course. It dives deeper into various topics we as parents can find challenging. With 45 minutes of video, and a few simple worksheets, these are quick to watch and implement. This bundle includes mini-trainings from Dr. Jen covering topics of: 

  • Risky Play
  • Strengths Based Parenting: 
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Show your children how to be resilient and adaptable

Uncover new understanding of your child's healthy coping skills and focus on the Umbrella Skills that need the most support. Purchase Umbrella Parenting now for $75.00 CAD!

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What is The Umbrella Project?

We develop sustainable, research-based tools for schools and families to anticipate life’s challenges and support the proactive development of positive coping skills. We take an inquiry-based approach to mental health and encourage curiosity and interest in order to gain insight into the skills that help us thrive. Building the umbrella skills has a deep and profound impact on the children, families, and schools we work with and provides them with a growing layer of protection against life’s rainy days.

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